5 great destinations for dog-lovers

August 26, 2019

When you’re a dog owner, leaving your four-legged best friend at home when you go on vacation can be a struggle. But there are destinations that offer ample opportunity for doggy snuggles to distract you from missing your best friend.

Toronto, Canada

From The Beaches in the east end to High Park in the west, there are countless off-leash areas to explore for some solid dog-watching. Berczy Park, near Toronto’s famous St. Lawrence Market, even has a massive dog-inspired fountain that honours (and perhaps mocks) the abundance of dogs that can be found in the neighbourhood. Enjoy a pint at nearby Black Lab Brewery while you socialize with neighbourhood pooches.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

Home to an estimated 30,000 dogs, Tel Aviv is one of the dog-friendliest cities in the world. Visit in August, and you’ll get to experience Kelaviv, a huge festival dedicated to pampering canine friends with indulgences such as sushi and massages. Don’t be surprised if you stop into Coffee Shop 51 or Cafe Zorik for a flat white and find yourself seated next to a well-mannered pomeranian or labrador. And with an adoption event every Friday at Gan Meir Park, you might be tempted to bring a new best friend home!

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Berlin, Germany

Berlin is a great city for dogs to call home. While there are public spaces that don’t allow dogs (like museums and a lot of bakeries), most restaurants and cafes allow patrons to bring in their pups, like Elefant and Roots Cafe. Accomodations in the city are also widely dog-friendly. Local pooches can be spotted hanging out with their owners beside historic sites including the famed Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin Wall.

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Sydney, Australia

Sydney provides plenty of opportunities for you to run into some four legged friends of the canine variety. Sip your morning coffee at the Grumpy Baker or grab brunch at the Laneway Cafe. Afterwards, get yourself into downward facing dog with a little Doga — that’s yoga with a dog. Don’t have a dog to exercise with? Make a friend who has a pooch and convince them to go with you!

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San Francisco, California, USA

If you’re both an avid hiker and a dog-lover, you’re in luck: San Francisco has plenty of canine-friendly paths that’ll scratch both itches. Take a stroll down any number of paths that lead to the picturesque Golden Gate Bridge, and you’re sure to encounter a number of four-legged hikers along the way. If you’re just hanging out in the city, pop into any park and you’re sure to encounter the same — it’s said that dogs outnumber children in San Fran, and while there’s no actual data to back this claim up, the sheer volume of pups you’re sure to meet in town will surely make it feel true.

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On the flipside, you may find yourself travelling somewhere that has many stray dogs. If you’re interested in helping out, check with your local rescues at home to see if they partner with rescues in your destination. These organizations often need flight parents to accompany dogs on returning flights to help pups find their forever homes.

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