5 of the bluest places on Earth

January 11, 2022

Blue Monday is a day in mid-January that denizens of the northern hemisphere often refer to as the "most depressing day of the year". The concept of Blue Monday isn't rooted in any science and pretty much debunked — but we'd still like to use it as an opportunity to focus on some literal blues. Here are our top 5 favourite travel destinations with lovely cerulean, indigo and aquamarine hues guaranteed to lift any spirits:

1: The Maldives

When you think of naturally occurring blues, your mind may automatically wander toward pristine, crystal beaches under sparkling skies. You'll get all this in the Maldives, the tropical islands just off the south western coast of India — especially if you explore them by boat.

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2: Belize

Already been to the Maldives? Take a trip to Belize, a South American paradise of incredible beaches, breathtaking scenery — and the indigo-hued diving spot known as the Blue Hole near Caye Caulker.

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3: Banff, Canada

It's not just warm-weather getaways that offer the best in baby blues. Banff Provincial Park, in the Canadian province of Alberta, boasts some truly sparkling freshwater lakes — like the famous Peyto Lake and Lake Louise, which are so blue (and, at times, turquoise) they almost don't seem real.

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4: Chefchaouen, Morocco

In Chefchaouen, the blue hues are manmade but no less beautiful than those naturally occurring. Though it's not definitively known why so many of Chefchaouen's buildings are painted blue — some say the colour repels mosquitos; others suggest the buildings were painted blue when individuals of Jewish descent took refuge in Morocco during the Second World War — one thing is certain: the city is absolutely stunning.

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5: Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Another cool-weather retreat, Iceland's Blue Lagoon is a must-visit when travelling to the chilly island country. The water is heated using geothermal energy, and the minerals it contains reputedly do wonders for the skin. And even if they don't, a long soak in the warm, blue water is terrifically relaxing.

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