7 ways to find Happiness

March 20, 2016 Mark Bonington

Travel is good for lots of things, but it can also increase happiness — and not just in the short-term. We all want to feel happy — and each one of us has different ways of getting there. Travelling can make you a happier person by building self-confidence, providing new experiences and memories, breaking routine and allowing you to meet people from all over the world. We checked in with seven very different bloggers to find out where travel and happiness intersect.

Dani DiPirro: Stay mindful

When we're stuck in day-to-day routines, we often take for granted the sights around us. But when we travel, we're in a novel environment and the new experiences pique our senses, making us more aware of what we can see, touch, taste, hear and smell.

Whenever I travel, I find that my senses are really heightened. There's a happiness and newfound appreciation that comes with experiencing a new part of the world. When I return home, I try to hang on to that state by paying close attention to my senses or even making an effort to seek out new locations where I live.

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Travel to get in touch with your senses.

Joy McCarthy: Entice the taste buds!

One of my favourite aspects of travel is trying new foods and visiting farms where the food is grown. Food brings me so much happiness because I find it incredibly inspiring to see and experience what other cultures are eating.

Travel breathes new life into what I cook when I am not on the road. So my dinner plate at home in Toronto is always reflective of all sorts of inspiration I’ve picked up while travelling.

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Let  food inspire your journey.

Let food inspire your journey.

Twins that Travel: Forget those worries

When some think of travel, things that come to mind are warm beaches, sun-kissed skin and endless cocktails. These are the things that make travel such a happy experience. Or are they? The more countries we’ve visited, the more we’ve discovered that the abiding happiness travelling provides is built on something else entirely.

With each new city or country comes an explosion of new sights, smells and sounds. These new experiences serve to focus the mind on recording new sensations. It’s this focus that brings us so much happiness when we travel, providing an enduring sense of peace, calm and satisfaction.

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Travel to focus on new sensations.

Travel to focus on new sensations.

The Nomadic Boys: Build relationships

Travelling together through Asia has forced us into a completely new way of approaching life. We’re almost constantly together, dealing with unique and sometimes stressful situations — often in extreme locations. We’ve discovered were prone to all sorts of novel moods and temperaments on the road.

But with each experience, our relationship has grown stronger. We now understand more about each other. For both of us, this is how travel has brought happiness into our lives. Travelling with someone long term (whether friend or partner) is certainly a test on your relationship. But where you succeed, you’ll uncover some of the happiest memories of your life!

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With each experience, our relationship has grown stronger.

With each experience, our relationship has grown stronger.

Robyn Baldwin: Push your boundaries

I’m happiest when I’m pushing myself and extending my comfort zone by discovering new places and experiencing new things. Having ‘firsts’ and movie-worthy moments in my life brings me happiness. That’s why I always plan "smaller scale" adventures around my city and province on the weekends, so I can keep the firsts going throughout the year.

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Travel out of your comfort zone.

Travel out of your comfort zone.

Allie Flavio: Apply the lessons learned

Travel is the biggest form of reward you can gift yourself. It’s an experience that’s engulfs your entire self — body, mind and soul — and leaves you not only changed but inspired to keep changing.

Bundle up your experiences, lessons learned, inspirations and apply it to your life. Apply it to your relationships, your daily actions, your goals, your dreams – let travel shape you and change you.

I travelled and met people who own nothing, yet exude only happiness. Most importantly, travel has given me the insight to know anything is possible, anything can be dreamed and anything can be achieved!

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When you travel, anything is possible.

When you travel, anything is possible.

Inna Semenyuk: Bring it all home

I started travelling for business when I was 21 – happily getting lost in Rome and Paris in those pre-iPhone and Google Maps times. I caught the 'travel happiness bug' and have been on an ever-lasting journey ever since. Exploring other cultures, how people live, what they care about, what they laugh at and how they connect with each other makes me feel connected, content and, ultimately, happy!

When I get back home from travelling, I love to keep the feeling alive by organizing micro-adventures and city breaks. I love to go on 3-day yoga retreats or simply getting friends together and heading to a restaurant featuring the cuisine of the countries that I have recently visited.

Inna is in the business of creating happiness, let her help you with yours by connecting with her on Instagram.

Keep the adventure alive at home with a city break.

Keep the adventure alive at home with a city break.

How have you found happiness through your travels? Tell us in the comments below!

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