Australia’s Northern Territory: Top 5 Outdoor Activities

December 8, 2014 Greg Snell

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Australia’s Northern Territory usually isn’t the first place people visit when they’re travelling Down Under. With just over 230,000 inhabitants, it’s the least populated of Australia’s states and territories. That doesn’t mean there’s less to do here – just the opposite. The Northern Territory has so much to offer – especially to those that love the great outdoors. Here are five of the best outdoor things to do in this massive place.

1. Exploring Kakadu National Park

The famed and internationally recognized Kakadu is simply amazing. Rich in cultural and Aboriginal heritage, the land plays home to countless stories of wonderful legend. The park is impossibly scenic with everlasting vistas, waterfalls, gorges, and billabongs to match. It is a must-see when visiting the NT.

kakadu national park

2. Adelaide River Croc Safari

Just south of Darwin along the main highway is the small town of Adelaide River, creatively named after the river it flanks. The river is also home to approximately 2,000 salt water crocodiles, or “salties.” A few times daily there’s a boat that goes out on the river in search of these creatures. It’s incredible to see them in such close proximity in their natural environment, not to mention seeing them spring from the water in hot pursuit of unsuspecting bait.

a crocodile jumps out of the water

3. A visit to Mataranka and Bitter Springs

A stunning natural spring in the heart of the NT desert provides fresh water to feed the lush surroundings. This place is a literal oasis of life and natural beauty and it cannot be missed. Crystal clear waters are open to the public and a dip in them sure is welcome when it’s 35 degrees outside.


4. Uluru and Kata Tjuta sunrise

Watching the sunrise over Uluru and adjacent Kata Tjuta is a scene that all people visiting the Red Desert (really, anyone visiting Australia) want to witness – an absolute sensory experience of connectedness to nature’s beauty. The sun rising over this iconic Australian landmark is something difficult to describe; you must see it for yourself. Enjoy one of the best Australian experiences and watch a new day dawn from the centre of a wonderful country.

sunrise at uluru

5. Hiking the circuit route through King’s Canyon

This three-to-five-hour return trip is one hiking experience the NT is famous for. Taking off from the entrance to the canyon you follow the ridge line up and around the gorge taking in world-class views of the endless desert below, not to mention the amazingly sculpted canyon walls at your feet. Be sure to get going early as the sun gains its ground quickly. (It’s recommended you’re off the trail altogether by midday, due to the sheer heat.) Take lots of water, a camera, good trekking shoes, and sunscreen. You’re going to love it!!

red rock ridges of kings canyon

While Australia certainly has its celebrated manmade icons, The Northern Territory is a massive collection of natural wonders just waiting to be explored. So while it may at first seem distant from your planned destinations of Sydney and Melbourne, I can’t recommend enough you take the time to venture north to this stunning countryside. Your heart and your spirit will be happy you did.

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