Cuba in focus: An adventure in pictures

September 10, 2014 Evert Lamb

Travelling through Cuba offers a glimpse back to a past much of the world has long forgotten. Everything seems to be simpler; people move at a relaxed pace, and their surrounding remain unchanged from a past that most of us have never seen. Classic cars, gorgeous buildings, and a lifestyle that moves to a different beat contrast with emerging Westernization and the increased influence of modern fashion, music, and digital technology. Cuba seems open to this new future, but those who live here are determined to maintain as much of their past as possible. The Revolution of 1953 still inhabits a place close to the hearts of all its residents, and they are reminded of it daily. Monuments, statues, and plaques pepper the cities and towns across the island, touting the heroic acts of Fidel, Che, and the armies they commanded. However, there is a softer side as well; the national hero is their prized poet, José Martí, a bust of whom holds pride of place outside every school.

Can’t make it to Cuba? Never fear. We’ll take you there through pictures.

Take the back roads, take your time, and take in the local culture. Cuba’s people are its real treasures, and they will lead it into a new future.

The best way to see Havana? Hire a classic car and driver to show you the sights.


Architectural treasures exist around virtually every corner.


The Revolution is never far from the mind. This plaque celebrates its 30th anniversary.


Each town has a small market dedicated to local gifts and crafts. (Still searching for the perfect hat.)


Most rural homes grow their own tobacco and other produce. The woman shown here displays her drying racks.


The final bottling process at a small rum factory. Free samples? Yes please.


These caves were the training grounds for Che Guevara and his army of revolutionaries.


This vehicle seems to have broken down (for a rest) on the side of the road.


The streets of Havana make you feel as though you’re walking through a vintage car show.


In many places, art students will draw caricatures for you to help pay for their schooling.


No trip to Cuba is complete without a visit to Revolution Square.


Buskers along the waterfront play tunes for tips.


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