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September 30, 2015 G Adventures

In honour of its first 25 years, G Adventures hosted a special event in Toronto on September 29 to set the stage for its next quarter century. Dubbed ‘Ignite the Night’, the event saw the introduction of a number of new trips, a groundbreaking new partnership and several new initiatives that will positively impact lives all over the world. Check out our event coverage here.

On the eve of the company’s 25th Anniversary, G Adventures Founder Bruce Poon Tip today announced an unprecedented partnership with one of the world’s most iconic brands—National Geographic.

With a similar set of core values, an aligned purpose of social responsibility, and a shared belief in the impact that travel can have on the world, we’re looking forward to offering more explorers than ever a new way to see the world. We call them National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures.

Offering explorers a new way to see the world.

The result of the largest partnership the industry’s seen this decade, this line up of 70 trips combines National Geographic’s more than 125 years of exploration, science and storytelling with the award winning, authentic experiences that travellers have come to expect from G Adventures.

Led by knowledgeable local guides, travellers will have the opportunity to forge true human connections while exploring destinations made famous in the pages of National Geographic—whether it’s practicing a centuries-old tradition of throwing pots in Belize, or joining a researcher focused on saving the cheetah from extinction on a game drive in South Africa’s Kruger Park.

South Africa’s Kruger Park.

South Africa’s Kruger Park.

National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures will be available for sale on December 15, 2015 with departures scheduled from January 5, 2016 onward. For more information, click here.

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