How Far Will You Go? Ten travellers who hit great heights

June 14, 2018

This month, you've been showing us how far you'll go to win a trip for two. Whether that has meant holding creepy critters, taking deep dives or ingesting insects, we've been thrilled to see so many photos and videos of your daring, fearless, totally outrageous adventure. So thrilled, in fact, that we want to show some of our favourite shots to the world — beginning with this collection of courageous explorers taking adventure travel to truly great heights.

From: Christina Lochrie

Taken in: Canada

Christina said: "Facing my fears. Walking the outside edge on the CN Tower, Toronto."

From: Adele Kruger

Taken in: Location not provided

Adele said: "I will jump off mountains to win an amazing bucket list tick off with G Adventures!"

From: Frances Whitney

Taken in: Nepal

Frances said: "Paragliding in Nepal. I will go further than this and traverse the highest peaks in every continent!"

From: Pippa Kampmann

Taken in: South Africa

Pippa said: "All my life I have been absolutely terrified of heights — from trying to climb trees (and failing miserably) to trying my hand at rock climbing (also a big fail). Then I decided to put on my big-girl pants and abseil down Table Mountain. After 45 minutes of shameful tears and having the word "NO!" spill from my lips more times than I care to admit, I managed to back myself off the ledge held only by what seemed like a small amount of rope."

From: Michael Jobke

Taken in: Zambia

Pippa said: "Flying over Victoria Falls, Zambia in a micro-lite. Why? Having hot-air ballooned over the Serengeti, White water rafted down the Zambezi River and abseiled and did a gorge swing in the Batoka Gorge, Zambia, it seemed to be the natural thing to do."

From: Sophie DeWitt

Taken in: Switzerland

Sophie said: "Flying high in the Swiss Alps! This was one of the most thrilling moments of a four-month solo backpacking trip I organized and took when I was 24 years old. Jumping off the ledge of that mountain with a stranger, to glide past waterfalls and through the mountains, was the most exhilarating experience of my life!"

From: Andy Jacobs

Taken in: New Zealand

Andy said: "Canyon swing guy: 'You can jump for free if you go naked.' Me: 'Sold!' "

From: Cheryl Ford

Taken in: Norway

Andy said: "Preikestolen in Norway — 604 metres above the sea."

From: Nadine Szep

Taken in: Bolivia

Nadine said: "Parachute jumping in Bolivia. I am afraid of heights: if i can do it, everybody can."

From: Karen Manahan

Taken in: Italy

Karen said: "Interested stranger: How'd you get that scar? Me: I fell down the stairs as a kid and my tooth went through my lip. A seemingly run-of-the-mill childhood event involving just a few steps resulted in a visible scar, but at 3-years-old it set into motion a limiting fear of heights and decades of fear-sweats and bizarre immersion therapy tactics ("Sis, let me dangle you from this treehouse, that will help!"). Thankfully, it turns out love, adventure, and the desire to do and be better are more powerful than fear. Seeking to overcome my fear, I roped up at an indoor climbing gym and conquered my fear with the compassionate support and guidance of my tie-up buddy. Flash forward, and my tie-up buddy is now my incredible fiancée, I'm consulting for a local outdoor adventures nonprofit serving young adults recovering from cancer, and conquering Via Ferrata routes in the Dolomite mountains!"

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