Instagrams of the Week: Scenes from Central America

September 18, 2015 Mark Bonington

Who knew a small strip of land and a smattering of islands could hold so much? Cityscapes stretching across your field of view; Mayan pyramids complete with magical legends; pristine Caribbean beaches. This enchanting piece of Earth is a must-see for every adventurer.

In the Pre-Columbian era, the lands of Central America were inhabited by the Maya and Aztecs. After Christopher Columbus and his crew landed in 1492, the Spanish began to colonize the Americas under the direction of the conquistadores. Independence from Spain was achieved in 1821, although the imprint on the local culture remains fixed to this day.

With fresh experiences to tempt even the most seasoned global nomad, it’s no surprise that these #gadv travellers unearthed such captivating photos this week.

Sunset over Ometepe, taken by #gadv traveller [@hollieruth93. The name of the island means “two mountains” as the land is formed by the two volcanos: Concepcion and Maderas, which rise from Lake Nicaragua.

The sprawling Guatemala City, captured by traveller @raveneyephotography at sunrise. The capital and largest urban settlement in the country, Guatemala City is shadowed by a nearby active volcano called Pacaya.

Traveller @peach88 explores the ruins of Uxmal, Mexico. This monument is known as the “Pyramid of the Magician”. Mayan legend claims it was erected in a single night by a sorcerer who challenged the king.

Traveller @instajay93 visits San Cristobal de las Casas and learns about real Mexican culture: “We met local children dressed in traditional outfits, we had lunch with a local family and learned from their perspective.”

Vinales in Cuba, taken by our own @sara_ldn. This beautiful region was once a haven for runaway slaves but became colonized by farmers in the 1800s. Traditional methods are still used to grow coffee and tobacco in farms today.

Travelling with G Adventures? Be sure to use #gadv in your updates so we can follow along and share on your journey. If you’ve already travelled with us, tag your pics with #G25Throwback to join in our birthday celebrations!

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