Peru's Inti Raymi festival: By the numbers

February 7, 2018

Since the time of the Incan Empire, the Winter Solstice — which, in the Southern Hemisphere, takes place in June — has been marked by the celebration of Inti Raymi. The festival, whose Quechua name translates to "sun festival," is commemorated to honour the Sun God Inti on (or, more accurately, around) the shortest day of the year. Here, a few key facts to know about Inti Raymi, before you plan your trip to celebrate it in person, in Cusco, Peru:

28,140: Number of seconds on June 21, which is the shortest day of the year in the Southern Hemisphere (that's about 7 hours, 49 minutes). The Winter Solstice, however, is celebrated on June 24.

25,000: Number of people who gathered in Cusco during Inca times to celebrate Inti Raymi.

606: Number of years Inti Raymi has taken place. The first Inti Raymi took place in 1412.

3: Number of days of fasting that traditionally precede Inti Raymi.

500: Number of actors who participate in Inti Raymi reenactment performances each year.

2: Number of treks offered by G Adventures on our Inti Raymi tours — the Inca Trail and the Lares Trail. Click here to compare those two itineraries.

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