Seeing the Galápagos Aboard the Evolution

October 7, 2014 Cate Lorimer

Experiencing the Galápagos Islands is a once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list experience, but shouldn’t getting there be just as memorable? Don’t they say life is a journey and not just a destination? Yes they do! Introducing the latest G Adventures vessel: the Evolution. This new kid on the block sails the seas to help her passengers make those one-of-a-kind memories of the Galápagos Islands one-of-a-kind-er.

What makes the Evolution different from the other five ships in our Galápagos fleet? For starters, this vessel has all the features of a large luxury cruise liner without the “large” part. We like to compare the Evolution to a floating boutique hotel, ‘cause it provides that intimate G Adventures experience, but with added amenities that make for smooth sailing through your adventure in the Galápagos. Here are our top three reasons to get on board with the Evolution.

The Evolution in all her glory

The Evolution in all her glory.

1. Space to stretch your sea legs

The Evolution – she’s a roomy one. Say goodbye to the days of “Excuse me. Can I just squeeze by there?” because this vessel was built to house 32 passengers comfortably, along with 18 crewmembers, several sea kayaks, and the occasional swallow-tailed gull that’ll perch itself on the railing. From the roomy outdoor space where you can take in the sea air, to its spacious state rooms, the Evolution should probably consider changing its name to Comfortable. (Just an idea.)

You asked for space and the Evolution delivers

You asked for space and the Evolution delivers.

2. Amenities that would make Darwin jealous

Darwin discovered the Galápagos while sailing aboard the Beagle. Today, you get to discover your own Galápagos experience in style while aboard the Evolution. Hoping to paddle across the waters? Simply grab one of the kayaks for use. Explore to your heart’s content before returning to the ship to unwind in the Jacuzzi. And thanks to our top-chefs, breakfast, lunch, and dinner will consist of local Ecuadorian cuisine that will have your taste buds jumping for joy.

Soak up the sun and sea relaxing in the Jacuzzi

Soak up the sun and sea relaxing in the Jacuzzi.

3. Get schooled aboard the Evolution

There are hundreds of different species that roam the shores and the seas of the Galápagos, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how many come out to say hello. That’s why the Evolution employs two naturalist guides who know the local flora and fauna better than most. As you walk the shores and spot a bird with blue feet, your walking encyclopedias will introduce you to the blue-footed booby, a marine bird native to the region. Got questions? Answers abound!

Getting There

Thanks to the Evolution, life at sea is surreal. Want to get to know her personally? Then check out our G Adventures Galápagos trips that set sail on this special vessel.

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