Summer dreaming: find your extraordinary European adventure

June 24, 2022

The thought of grabbing a bag to explore parts of Europe for the summer sparks joy in just about every traveller’s heart. Even more so if your trip fuels some of your greatest passions like wine, trekking or photography. Whether you want to hike Alpine meadows, taste seasonal Italian dishes or get your resting heart rate to a happy place, we’ve got European tours to match your interests.

Relax your mind and body

Sail away, sail away, sail away! Sure, it’s an Enya song but it’s also a state of mind. Leave your worries behind as you enjoy yacht life on the deeply calming blue waters of coastal Croatia or the Greek Islands. Want to go even deeper? Consider a wellness tour set in the otherworldly landscapes of Iceland. Start your summer of serenity with black sand beach meditations, geothermal lake-side yoga and long hot soaks in the Blue Lagoon.

Top relaxing tour ideas

Wellness Iceland
Sailing Croatia: Dubrovnik to Split
Sailing Greece - Santorini to Mykonos

blue geothermal pools

Feast on seasonal eats

Unwinding at a charming agriturismo, learning how to cook Cretan cuisine, and hiking to the birthplace of Nutella all sound like palate-pleasing ways to spend a summer. Whether you’re a foodie or just really like to eat, you can get your fill of local flavours in the pastoral villages and vineyards of Tuscany, Crete, and Piedmont. And don’t forget to try the truffles!

Top food and drink tour ideas

Best of Greece
Local Living Italy - Tuscany San Gimignano
Walking Piedmont and the Barolo Wine Region

aerial view san gimignano

Capture lasting summer memories

A good photographer can find beauty in the everyday but it’s way more fun to explore epic landscapes with your camera at the ready. Did you know the word ‘picturesque’ was invented to describe Lake Bled and the Julian Alps in Slovenia? That’s not true but it should be. If islands and volcanoes are more your jam, try training your lens on the spectacular eruptions of Mount Stromboli by boat in Northern Sicily. Or, lace up your hiking boots and take a photo trek featuring the raging waterfalls, glaciers and black-sand beaches of Iceland.

Top photography tour ideas

Best of Iceland
Northern Sicily: Island & Volcanoes
Explore Slovenia: Hiking the Julian Alps

stromboli sunset

Walk and hike and trek… oh my!

We could explain the difference between walks, hikes and treks but you probably know if you like travelling long distances by foot. Spend eight days in Northern Spain walking a scenic pilgrimage route through rustic villages and refuel with tasty local dishes. Day hike from a central hub to see the best parts of Eastern Iceland including puffin colonies and smoking lava fields. Or, kick it up several notches by trekking one of the world’s premiere Alpine routes through France and Italy. We bet they even have cheese there too.

Top active tour ideas

Mont Blanc Explorer
Trekking Eastern Iceland
Walk the Camino de Santiago

lace up your hiking boots and smell that fresh Alpine air

Getting There

Winter, spring, summer or fall there's a European adventure with your name on it. Check out our full range of tours in Europe and we'll meet you there.

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