Ten beautiful views and where to find them

September 13, 2021

A big part of travel is finding those incomparable spots where you almost can’t believe your eyes. Some you really have to work for (Kilimanjaro comes to mind) while others are found at the end of a leisurely stroll. To get your bucket list started, we’ve gathered ten pretty places to park yourself and where to find these views on some of our favourite adventures.

View 1: Sete Cidades trail on São Miguel Island

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hike the trails to overlook twin lakes: one green, one blue

Flower-lined trails on São Miguel Island in the Azores lead to a seemingly magical sight: twin lakes inside a volcanic crater including one that is bright green from algae overgrowth.

See it for yourself on: Hiking the Azores

View 2: Sunrise on Mt Kilimanjaro from camp

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camp under the stars with your ultimate goal in view

Watch the sun come up on Kili as you wake to camp breakfast and another challenging (but rewarding!) day along the scenic Machame route to the summit of Africa’s tallest peak.

See it for yourself on: Mt Kilimanjaro Trek - Machame Route (8 Days)

View 3: Rolling Monferrato hills in Piedmont, Italy

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a view so unique that it’s designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

A leisurely stroll through the Monferrato Hills rewards you with views of its famed vineyard landscapes and ends with a cellar tour, rustic charcuterie lunch and wine tasting.

See it for yourself on: Walking Piedmont and the Barolo Wine Region

View 4: Iconic peaks en route to Everest Base Camp

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you'll stop to acclimate and admire glimpses of Mt Everest along the way

Guided by sherpas, you’ll be surrounded by Himalayan peaks as you trek past glacial moraines, local villages and yak pastures to reach home base for Everest mountaineers.

See it for yourself on: Everest Base Camp Trek

View 5: Desert sands of Wadi Rum from a 4x4

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kick up dust as you ride by sandstone hills and arches

Rolling dunes, rock bridges and sandstone cliffs! Climb into the truck bed seats of a 4x4 to get a raised mobile view of Wadi Rum's best natural landmarks and sights.

See it for yourself on: Jordan Multisport

View 6: All of the alps on the Tour du Mont Blanc

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feel incredibly accomplished taking in views near Courmayeur, Italy

By the time you reach this dazzling view of the Italian alps, you'll have already pushed yourself through the most challenging stretch of the Tour du Mont Blanc and feel like a pro.

See it for yourself on: Trekking Mont Blanc

View 7: Overlooking the ancients of Machu Picchu

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the popularity of this famed view never wanes for a reason

Wondrous views await all along the Inca Trail, but the one you reach at the end of your trek never fails to impress. Our hike starts pre-dawn so you'll reach the Sun Gate before sunrise.

See it for yourself on: Inca Discovery

View 8: Sun-kissed peaks of Yosemite

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geological wonders come into view at Yosemite National Park

Hike past rushing waters and massive sequoias to find all kinds of pleasing vantage points of Yosemite's famed granite monoliths like El Capitan and Half Dome.

See it for yourself on: Hiking Sequoia, Kings Canyon, and Yosemite

View 9: Lesser-travelled landscapes of Eastern Iceland

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hike up from the coast across the green mountains of Brúnavík pass

Your eyes and heart are in for a treat as you start in Borgarfjörður harbour with tiny nesting puffins and walk over verdant Brúnavík pass down to serene black sand beaches.

See it for yourself on: Trekking Eastern Iceland

View 10: Pancake stacks in Punakaiki, New Zealand

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help yourself to flapjack stacks formed millions of years ago

Take the Pancake Rocks loop trail to learn how these geological stacks were formed and then marvel at the coastal views including blowholes and white sand beaches.

See it for yourself on: New Zealand: South Island Multisport

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