The Camel Cup: Happy “Hump” Day!

July 10, 2014 Louise Miller

As a resident of Melbourne, where we have a public holiday for a horse race, I’ve had a few race day experiences, but none can compare to this one. For most, a day at the races conjures up images of horses (or even greyhounds) running around a track. But camels? Not so much. And in Australia? I swear I’m not pulling your leg.

The Camel Cup is held annually on the second Saturday in July in Alice Springs, Northern Territory. What started off as a bet between two mates in 1970 has become an international event, drawing thousands of curious witnesses from all over the world.

Don’t come expecting serious competition with clear-cut winners, though. The camels’ cheeky (and sometimes moody) personalities make victory no easy feat for even an experienced rider, but the results are endlessly entertaining for the spectators. As a rider, you can consider yourself lucky if you can pilot your camel in a general forward direction; some refusing to budge at all, while others opt to attempt the moonwalk instead.

Strange as it is, it’s definitely an experience that not many of your mates will have ticked off their bucket list! Come on over and check it out!

All photos courtesy of The Camel Cup.

camels starting off a race

audience in the stands watching

camels racing around in shambles

2011 Lasseters Camel Cup, Sunshine

close of up a camel

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