Tiny LEGO® Traveller Takes on the Inca Trail

October 26, 2015 Daniel Sendecki

Hailing from Australia, G Adventures traveller Cassie has shared her travels through Peru from a perspective rarely seen — just a few centimetres from the ground! Her quirky Instagram feed follows the fantasy life of Forgotten LEGO® man, a small plastic figurine who’s travelled the world in the company of Cassie, and is now taking on the Inca Trail!

“Peru has so much to offer for every type of traveller,” writes Cassie, “I’m hoping my lighthearted take on the country will encourage others to see it for themselves.”

Following in the tradition of travelling gnomes and Flat Stanleys, Forgotten LEGO® man opts for Instagram and email over Polaroids and postcards. He’s part of an online movement that banks on nostalgia to bring travel to life through inanimate objects and photography.

Gnome Away From Home

Some would argue that it all started back in 1986, when a homeowner from the eastern suburbs of Sydney awoke to discover her garden gnome missing and a note in its place: “Dear Mum,” it read, “I couldn't stand the solitude any longer. Gone off to see the world!"

This singular act kicked off a long tradition of travelling garden gnomes — a prank that continued to grow in popularity until Travelocity adopted the “Roaming Gnome” as its de facto mascot.

The World Is “Flat”

While perhaps the most famous, the travelling gnome wasn’t the world’s first inanimate traveller. This honour belongs to “Flat Stanley,” the titular character of Jeff Brown’s 1964 children’s classic.

Flat Stanley, who after being crushed “flat as a pancake” in a horrific bulletin board accident, soon discovers that his altered state now allows him to travel anywhere by being mailed in an envelope. Today, he’s the focus of many a school project, as schoolchildren are encouraged to write letters documenting where Flat Stanley has travelled with them.

From Couch Cushions to Cusco

Forgotten LEGO® man is a small, plastic minifigure (commonly referred to as a "minifig” by LEGO® enthusiasts). First produced in 1978, he’s one of LEGO®'s most successful and iconic products — with more than 3.7 billion having been produced.

According to Cassie, his longtime travelling companion, Forgotten LEGO® man's adventures began two years ago when he was left behind by her two younger cousins, Lachie, 10, and Jack, 7.

Forgotten LEGO® man first appeared on Instagram in January 2013, when he was rescued from Cassie’s couch cushions. She began sharing pictures of his adventures online to show her cousins what their erstwhile playmate was up to. In response, they’d send back pictures of what he was missing back home.

It’s now become a weekly habit for Cassie and a great way to stay connected with Lachie and Jack. Instead of sharing a post workout selfie or a shot from her day, she shares LEGO® man's perspective.

“ LEGO® makes the perfect subject,” writes Cassie, “most every kid’s grown up with LEGO® and can relate. I guess I still haven't grown up, either, as this guy joins me wherever I go!”

Follow the "Yellow Brick" Road

When Forgotten LEGO® man isn’t overseas on an adventure, he calls Australia’s Victoria home. Before tackling Machu Picchu in Peru, his last trip was to Vietnam. Next on his bucket list is Morocco, Egypt and Turkey. Want to follow along? Be sure to stay up to date with Forgotten LEGO® man's adventures on Instagram!

Do you travel with a mascot? Why? Do they serve as ice-breakers or keep you company on lonely nights? Know any other LEGO® travellers? Let us know in the comments below!

Getting There

G Adventures is the world’s leader in tours to Machu Picchu in Peru and every year, thousands of people from all over the world hike the Inca Trail with us. Let us show you how we do it and come along. Now’s your time.

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