What are our multisport tours really like? We’ve got answers.

March 8, 2021

Canyoning! Kayaking! Ziplining! Ready for your chance to try enough once-in-a-lifetime experiences to fill several lifetimes? Our multisport tours take advantage of the unique characteristics of local landscapes to give you an active experience beyond mere hiking or biking. You can challenge yourself and bond with others over activities like caving expeditions, rushing down rivers and snorkelling with sharks and manta rays.

With a range of included and optional physical activity on your itinerary, it’s only natural for questions to crop up. Read on for our answers to the most frequently asked questions about our multisport tours.

What will we be doing?
We challenged our tour designers to come up with atypical experiences, and they did not disappoint. Some multisport trip activities are so out there that you still won’t believe it after you’ve been there and done them. From 4x4ing in the deserts of Wadi Rum to spelunking in an underground cave system in New Zealand, your active adventure will be one for the books.

Is there time to explore on my own?
While the amount of possible activities will surely keep you busy, we’ve built in plenty of time for less adrenalized pursuits, too. Low-key fare like a noodle making lesson in Hoi An or a haka demonstration in a Maori village give you time to refresh your energy.

Who’s leading the way?
Our local guides know every pebble and grain of sand on their territories’ routes, and can adjust the tour in response to conditions and traveller demand. Your CEO takes care of the route, safety concerns and all of the arrangements – a nice plus you don’t get by travelling on your own.

I’ve never done this stuff before. Is that a problem?
Never whitewater-rafted or spelunked before? No problem! Each of the activities included in your tour is geared to people in good, healthy shape of all ability levels. To get an idea of the physical demands on a specific multisport trip, look for our Physical Rating from an easy 1 to a challenging 5. Your CEO makes sure you’re always in safe, competent hands as well.

What are the groups like?
Most of the time, the active parts of your trip will be done as a group. Nothing builds camaraderie among travellers quite like smashing a fun challenge together. Plus, more friends means more buddies to celebrate your achievements with at the end of the day.

Getting There

Ready to get your heart pumping and mind blown on an active adventure? Check out our full range of Active Travel tours.

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