Woman orders coffee, served life-changing trip instead

November 19, 2015 G Adventures

The first of three winners in our ‘Make Your Next Step Count’ competition was announced this week, with lucky one traveller set to depart on an all-expenses paid adventure at the end of the week.

Natalie James, an Environmental Project Office, joined a friend at a nearby café for what she thought was a quick coffee at Melbourne’s Manchester Press. What she didn’t know was that there was a special item on the menu just for her.

Natalie entered the competition to ‘make her next step count’ the day after her 27th birthday, after realizing she wasn’t doing enough of what she loved—travel.

Win the adventure of a lifetime—there’s still two more trips up for grabs! G Adventures is calling on people like you to take the next step in life by choosing to travel with a purpose. Over the next six weeks, we’ll pull three entrants out of their regular lives and into a world of possibilities. Enter the #NextStep competition today and — who knows? One of them could be you.

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