25 amazing holiday gifts for travellers

December 15, 2017

The clock is ticking on holiday shopping, and if you haven't gotten the perfect gift for the globe-trotter on your list, take heed: we've got you covered. Here are 25 awesome gifts for travellers, organized by Travel Style.

For the active traveller

1.  A sturdy backpack: Patagonia's SnowDrifter is good for its capacity — a generous 30 litres — and great for its unzippable back panel, which lets you access your gear without undoing all your careful packing.

2. A bright headlamp: The Petzl Actik's 300 lumens will guide your way whether you're trekking after dusk or rooting around in your tent for an extra pair of socks.

3. Eco-friendly soap: Keep fresh and clean while leaving as little of a footprint as possible with biodegradable Campsuds.

4. A GoPro: A wearable GoPro camera allows you to capture memories as they happen without stopping (or slowing down).

5. Knixwear: These Canadian-made undergarments are high-performance and high-style.  

For the 18-to-Thirtysomething

1. An Apple watch: Trekking is made easier with everything — from GPS to music to email, texts, and social media — wrapped around your wrist.

2. A retro-inspired camera: The Instax mini 9 prints out shareable, giftable, instant photos of your travels — and it comes in a bevvy of adorable colours, to boot.

3. The Everywhereist's travel memoir: Geraldine DeReuiter's All Over the Place is a charming, hilarious, and at-times poignant memoir of life on the road

4. Packing solutions: Spacepaks will help you keep your gear organized in high style.

5. A portable power boost: The oh-so-sleek PowerCore 5000 holds at least one full charge — and takes up precious little space.

For riding the rails

1. A stylish notebook: Fill time between stops by jotting down thoughts, reflections, memories or — if you're feeling particularly inspired — maybe a poem or two in a snazzy Moleskine.

2. A pocket-sized blanket: Curl up and watch the world go by under a Matador blanket that folds up small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

3. Travel games: Depending on your itinerary, your train trip might involve some seriously long legs. Fill the time — and make some friends — by packing some games.

4. Powerful headphones: Give the scenery a soundtrack with a pair of Bose noise-cancelling over-ear headphones.

5. Exercise on the go: A compact pair of toning balls will let you get a bit of a workout in even in relatively cramped quarters.

For animal lovers

1. A donation to the Jane Goodall Institute: Any amount helps the Institute continue its valuable conservation work.

2. A pair of binoculars: Amateur birders and expert ornithologists alike will appreciate a set of Zeiss binoculars — they'll help you spot all manner of flora and fauna, winged and otherwise.

3. A snorkel mask: A good mask is a must for travels to any region where swimming amongst coral reefs and tropical fish is an option.

4. A Petcube: Not even the most amazing, eye-opening, life-changing trips can prevent us from missing our four-legged friends back home. Stay connected to Fluffy and Fido — if and when you've got wifi — with a Petcube.

5. Bison socks: These warm, wooly socks from National Geographic are perfect for chilly trips — like, say, to Alaska, where you might actually spot a bison in the wild.

For family travellers

1. Calming oils: Perfect Potion's "happy and calm blend" can help little ones simmer down during sometimes-stressful travels.

2. A warm base layer: Keep tiny tots toasty in Merino wool layers from Helly Hansen.

3. A portable night light: Help make unfamiliar spaces more cozy with a cute battery-operated nightlight.

4. Fun to Colour book: Long flights, drives, and layovers can be taxing on the under-12 set. Keep them busy with a big, bold colouring book.

5. A cool backpack: Not only does this backpack look cool and fit well — it also has wheels, for when kids are toting a few too many souvenirs.

Still need some ideas? Check out this gift guide from our friends at Planeterra!

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