5 ways you'll give back when you travel with National Geographic Journeys

December 10, 2019

At G Adventures, we believe in the power of community tourism — travel that brings you closer to the individuals who make each destination on our planet special. That’s why we partner with the Planeterra Foundation on a number of our National Geographic Journeys tours: each Planeterra project that G Adventures travellers visits brings travel dollars into independent businesses and local communities, making the world a better place, one traveller at a time. National Geographic and G Adventures are united in the mission to use travel as a force for good.

We wanted to take you a little deeper into some of the Planeterra Projects you might find on our National Geographic Journeys tours. These aren’t all of them, but just a sampling. Take a look at how you can make the world a better place through travel:

Nyamirambo Community Tour and Women's Centre


What you’ll do there: Enjoy lunch, shop wares from the newly launched Umitima product line, and participate in a guided community walking tour.

Who you’ll help: Women in Rwanda are often victims of domestic abuse and gender-based discrimination. At Nyamirambo, women are empowered through education and capital, and are able to learn independence and confidence through the work they do at the centre.

Visit it on our Rwanda and Uganda Gorilla Discovery tour.

Parque de la Papa


What you’ll do there: “Parque de la papa” translates to “potato park” in English, so there should be no surprise that this stop is heavy on the spuds! Potatoes are extremely significant to Peru’s history, and here, you’ll learn about how cultivation has evolved alongside the country’s Indigenous (and colonial) residents, as well as getting a firsthand look at some of the many varieties of potato that grow in Peru.

Who you’ll help: In addition to benefiting locals, who depend on the valuable and precious crop, supporting Parque de la Papa actually supports the planet at large through the promotion of agricultural biodiversity: the work done there supports the conservation of Indigenous potato varietals, in concert with the Global Seed Vault in Norway.

Visit it on our Explore Northern Peru and Machu Picchu tour.

Solheimar Ecovillage


What you’ll do there: Travellers will learn how the green community grows vegetables year-round in its eco-friendly greenhouses, visit local businesses and artisans, and dine in the newly renovated coffeehouse.

Who you’ll help: This intentional community, which is located in Iceland’s famed — and beautiful — Golden Circle, empowers individuals living with disabilities to live full, dignified lives.

Visit it on our Explore Iceland tour.

Beit Khayrat Souf


What you’ll do there: Enjoy a delicious meal prepared by the all-female staff, while learning how the food is prepared and taking the time to shop for locally made preserves (a perfect souvenir — just be sure to check your home country’s customs rules!).

Who you’ll help: Women are traditionally excluded from the workforce in Jordan — they make up just 13.2% of the country’s economically active population. Beit Khayrat Souf provides employment opportunities for 25 women, and will, going forward, continue to break the cycle of unemployment for Jordanian women.

Visit it on our Explore Jordan tour.

Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre

British Columbia, Canada

What you’ll do there: Enjoy a tea ceremony, taste bannock — which is a type of traditional Indigenous Canadian fry bread — and take a tour of the museum and grounds to learn about Indigenous artefacts and culture.

Who you’ll help: For the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations of the Whistler region, there is great importance in restoring, protecting, and preserving traditions and ways of life. Visitors to the centre provide economic opportunities to the local Indigenous population.

Visit it on our Discover the Canadian Rockies tour.

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