Adventure Unfiltered: Top 10 bad sunburn photos

August 2, 2017

For a month and a half, you delighted us with messy, awkward, painful, sleepless, uncomfortable, wet, hot, crazy photos from your travels around the world — more than 20,000 of them, in fact — as part of our Adventure Unfiltered contest. Before we announce the winner, we're counting down some of our favourite entries, by category. Here, our Top 10 favourite — and super painful-looking — terrible, horrible, no good, very bad sunburns.

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From: Amanda Jolley

Taken in: Thailand

From: Ms. K

Taken in: The Maldives

From: Xina

Taken in: Mexico

From: Jessica D.

Taken in: Mexico

From: Troy

Taken in: Location not provided

From: Tayla Kaplan

Taken in: South Africa

From: Sarah Bezeredi

Taken in: Australia

From: Matt

Taken in: Costa Rica

From: Melodie Vermette

Taken in: England

From: Darcy Walberg

Taken in: Hawaii

Liked these pics? Check back tomorrow for the most awkward asleep-in-transit photos we received as entries in our Adventure Unfiltered contest!

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