Antarctica camping: What's it like?

January 7, 2019

**So you’ve travelled all the way to the seventh continent, the white wonder, Antarctica. How can you be more adventurous than that? Well, there is a way — spend a night on the continent.

For those who have a bucket list as long as their arm, G Adventures offers the chance to set up camp right on the icy shores of Antarctica. Here's a primer for those who may be considering the experience:**

What’s it like?

After finishing a warm meal in the Expedition dining room you’ll collect your belongings and head ashore. You'll be provided a two-person tent, to be shared with another member of the same sex.

As the saying goes: “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing” If you’ve signed up for the camping, you’re best to bring some warm clothes to sleep in — thermal underwear is advisable. G Adventures provides excellent sleeping bags, liners, tents, and air mattresses; however, the clothing is up to you. As you will be in the open air for a good part of the evening, an extra fleece would be handy to have. A hat, gloves or mittens, and extra-thick socks are a necessity for a chilly evening, and a good windproof, waterproof parka and pants will keep you extra warm and comfortable.

Previous camping experience is not necessary to participate.

What will I see?

This depends on the season. From October to mid-February, you’ll sleep under the glow of a midnight sun. If you’re visiting in the later ends of the season, into the end of February and March, you’ll be rewarded with the best stars you’ve ever seen. The lack of light pollution allows you to see the night sky with great clarity, and one of your Expedition team will be there point out the constellations for you.

Also, be on the lookout for curious penguins wandering among the tents.

Can I take some food and drinks?

Unfortunately no, you can’t bring along that fantastic dessert you stole from dinner. Food and drink are not permitted on land in Antarctica to avoid spoiling the pristine wilderness. You’re permitted to bring water ashore, in a water bottle provided on board the ship.

What about the bathroom?

We encourage everyone to use the bathroom before heading ashore. But as the saying goes, “When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go," so we do bring a portable toilet ashore for any late-night journeys to the bathroom.

Can I book camping after I'm on the ship?

No — for insurance reasons, camping needs to be booked in advance, and spaces are limited to 60 campers per departure. Please note, not all departures are able to offer camping.

Full information about the G Expedition Antarctic camping experiences can be found at this link. 

Getting there

Learn more about our Antarctic Expedition tours here.

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