How Far Will You Go? Meet our winner!

July 23, 2018

For the last six weeks, you've told us how far you'll go to win a trip with G Adventures — from cleaning the shore to bungee jumping to donating your time, we were blown away by your imagination and sense of adventure! But of the 2,000 entries we received, one stood out above the rest: Craig R. who, with the help of his wife, Paige Smith, attempted to go through airport security in a very G Adventures-appropriate purple G-string. Read Craig's story below:

I haven’t travelled to nearly as many countries as I would like. After my backpacking days in Australia and New Zealand, my vacations began to centre on activities — skiing or scuba diving.

We just got married prior to the entry deadline, so this prize will be our honeymoon fund. We were originally thinking of a trip through Italy — but a G Adventures trip presents a whole new list of considerations. It could mean anything from cruising around the Galápagos to island hopping around Hawaii. Or maybe it’s a combined trip to both Italy and France.

Craig with his wife, Paige.

Craig with his wife, Paige.

My fiancée was the inspiration behind our entry. I had come up with one idea which was okay but she encouraged me to push it further, thinking G Adventures wasn’t just going to give $20,000 away unless it was something more edgy. The question was: “How far would you go?”

When I saw all the entries going up on the site, I knew I had to do something funny if we were going to separate ourselves from the people bungee jumping off bridges and leaping out of planes. So I tried to think of something absurd about travelling in general. And how could I take it to the next level?

By wearing a g-string through an airport.

And once I said it out loud, there was no turning back.

On the day of the filming, Paige was more nervous than I was. We were walking into the airport and she had “guilty” written all over her face — not a good look to have when you’re going through security. To help calm my new bride, I had to remind her that it was me who was about to strip down, not her.

What we discovered — or confirmed, rather — was that airport security people have no sense of humour about people trying to have fun at their expense while going through the scanners, so that footage kind of got ruined a bit. Thankfully though, the staff was pretty good about it when I explained why I had stripped down to my purple undies.

“The airport has certain dress codes,” I was told, or something along that lines. So the jig was up at that point.

Craig at the airport.

Craig at the airport.

Fortunately, we had taken the precaution of doing some previous filming on the escalators and moving-walkways that could get the idea across without really involving other people in the shot. You can always count on someone for a sarcastic comment in the background, especially Australians: “Check your bag, mate!”

Getting there

You don't have to bare it all to take a trip with G Adventures. Check out our full roster of small group tours here.

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