Instagrams of the Week: Skies

August 7, 2015 Mark Bonington

Humanity has always seen something special in the patterns and movements above the earth. This week, we searched Instagram from one horizon to the next to find our travellers’ most awe-inspiring images. Come gaze into the wild blue yonder with us!

The clear skies around Kilimanjaro. Congratulations to @traveler_red_head on reaching Uhuru Peak, the mountain’s highest summit!

The sun sets beneath storm clouds on the Serengeti, Tanzania. This remarkable photo was taken by our own @jeffreygarriock.

Light breaks over the Colca Valley, Peru. The stepped terraces are an ancestral farming tradition which pre-date the Incas and are still maintained by locals today. Regram from #gadv traveller @lyxnoey.

The magic of Monument Valley, Utah, lit up by the stars at night. Taken by #gadv traveller @erinchrystalx.

A serene sunset over the Mediterranean. Taken in Turkey by traveller @ranchsine.

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