Instagrams of the Week: The Inca Trail

April 17, 2015 Mark Bonington

The Inca Trail is a journey back in time. Follow the footpaths of the Inca to the roof of the Andes, passing ancient Tambo ruins, and breathing in pure mountain air by the lungful. Memorable moments are plentiful on the Inca Trail’s four-day trek—and you can count on G Adventures travellers to capture the magic on Instagram.

[Instagram 1X9u4_h5e0]

Even the local llamas were impressed with this mountain sunset. Regram from traveller @sea_godess

[Instagram 0ZS2ijOpVc]

Great group shot from @bealive14, from Day 3 on the [#GadvIncaTrail][]

[Instagram Fb_vOS6XQ]

@mountainboxers paused on the #GadvIncaTrail to capture this incredible moment. It took our breath away, too.

[Instagram xpkeaNleai]

Dead Woman’s Pass on the #GadvIncaTrail, captured in all its stunning beauty by traveller @sarahnkelly.

[Instagram 1aTFv4PJvT]

The reward for every trekker: Well done to @bethlmarley and group on completing the #GadvIncaTrail and reaching Machu Picchu!

For more great #gadv 'grams from our travellers, be sure to follow @gadventures on Instagram!

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