Jamaica: No resorts needed

March 13, 2018

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Forget cruises and all-inclusive deals. Jamaica is an island that has its own rhythm. Here are a few reasons why you don’t need a resort on your next trip to the Caribbean island.

The People

All travellers are different, but most of us can agree that one of the most rewarding things about visiting a new country or place is meeting new people. You’ll learn about the country's culture and history firsthand, and you might even make a few friends for life. One of the best ways to meet Jamaicans is to head out into Kingston’s bustling, groovy nightlife. There are plenty of places to choose from; hop between Limelight, Deck, Inner City Dub and Tracks & Records, walk up to the bar and order a Red Stripe, and start dancing.

The Food

Aside from the people, what tell you more about a culture than its food — plus, who doesn’t like to eat? At Jakes in Treasure Beach — a community where both locals and travellers mingle alongside its jade-coloured waters — you can both eat amazing food and sign up for a class that teach you how to make a dish or two. There’s really no better place to learn the secrets of jerk seasoning and how to best prepare a plethora of spicy stews, curries, and tasty roti. And while you’re hanging around Treasure Beach don’t forget to visit Pelican Bar, which is literally made from scrap wood on a sandbar a mile off the coast in Parottee Bay. If you’re not full already, they serve great, super fresh seafood.

The mountains

You already know that rocky coastlines, pristine waters, and some truly astonishing beaches surround Jamaica. But how often have you heard about the incredible mountains and designated UNESCO national parks? Jamaica’s longest mountain range, the Blue Mountains, are full of unique and diverse flora and fauna, and summiting its peak (at 7,402 feet above sea level) is such a rewarding experience it shouldn’t be missed by anyone. It’s neither particularly steep nor difficult to navigate; the biggest challenge is how much time it takes: at a leisurely pace, a round-trip it can take about eight hours. But it's worth it!

Getting there

Ready to take on Jamaica? G Adventures can get you there. Check out our small group tours to Jamaica here.

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