Pack it Up, Pack it In

May 26, 2016 G Adventures

Our G Adventures Chief Experience Officer (CEO) is your guide, translator, coach, and best friend. When your job requires you to wear that many hats, knowing how to pack smart is essential. We chatted with Malcolm Taliano, one of our expert CEOs – he’s led tours across North America since 2011 and New Zealand since 2013 – and asked if we could peek inside his bag to see what he packs for a typical Active New Zealand departure.

1. Toque - It’s not a beanie or a hat – it’s a toque.

2. Bandage - A travel essential.

3. First Aid Kit - Everything you need to save a life.

4. Swiss Chocolate - The good stuff.

5. Fire Starter - Waterproof, unlike matches.

6. Earbuds - For a little personal time.

7. Head Lamp - Stick it in a clear bottle, instant lantern.

8. Sunglasses - They make me look really cool.

9. Coffee Mug and Filter - Always, always with me.

10. Water Bottle - My old one used to glow in the dark.

11. Watch - Lets stay on schedule, people.

12. Chap Stick - Sun protection is sexy.

13. Coffee - I like coffee. A lot.

14. Tiger Balm - Muscle relief for after those long days.

15. Tarp - It’s nice to have somewhere dry to sit.

16. Pouch - My best friend made it for me as a gift.

17. Multi-Tool - Never know what you will need it for.

18. Pen - Good for taking notes, drawing, magic tricks.

19. Notebook - Extra paper for starting fires.

20. Book - How many times have I read it? Who knows.

21. Whistle - I seriously could play it in a band.

22. Nutella - Good on everything from bread to worms.

23. Tripod - This little guy will hold onto anything.

24. Selfie Stick - Instant free range organic selfie stick.

25. Rain Jacket - It either lives on me or in my bag.

26. Pack - Sometimes passes as a carry-on! Score!

Getting There

G Adventures runs a number of departures encompassing a wide range of departure dates and activities to cater to different tastes. We’re thrilled at the prospect of showing you this big blue planet of ours — check out our small group trips here.

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