The 20 best holiday gifts for travellers

December 10, 2018

The clock is ticking on holiday shopping, and if you haven't gotten the perfect gift for the globe-trotter on your list, take heed: we've got you covered. Here are our 2018 picks for the 20 most awesome gifts for travellers. Don't see anything you like on this list? Be sure to check out our new Gear Shop for more great holiday gift ideas.

For frugal fliers

Help the traveller on your list pinch pennies on the road.

1. As luggage fees continue to mount, a luggage scale can help the most thrifty traveller avoid excess baggage costs.

2. Most airlines sell slippers, blankets, and headphones onboard, but these can be costly. A chic, functional pair of airplane slippers will have penny-pinchers reclining with ease and in comfort.

3. A fancy DSLR is pricey, but everyone has a cellphone. A set of cellphone camera lenses will transform any smartphone into a decent real-camera mimic.

4. Remember that bit about the travel slippers? Same goes for travel pillows: it's always cheaper to bring one than to buy one on-board.

For the eco-adventurer

Make the world a better place while seeing more of it.

1. Plastic water bottles are out of fashion. This collapsable bottle saves on space, plus it's a solar lantern! A real environmental two-for-one.

2. Good hygiene on the road is important. Preserve's travel toothbrushes are made of recycled yogurt cups.

3. Skip the plastic bag with a canvas G Adventures tote.

4. On long trips, a Scrubba allows travellers to do laundry with very little water and soap, thanks to the device's built-in washboard.

For the teen traveller

Budding adventurers need gear, too!

1. Travel selfies are difficult — but essential — work. This G Adventures phone pop will help budding globe-trotters capture the perfect shot.

2. Speaking of selfies: There's nothing worse than getting caught at the most Instagrammable locale with a dead phone battery. Avoid a fiasco with this battery bank.

3. Chill out on the beach (or at the campsite, or outside the homestay, or on the mountaintop...) in a super on-trend lay bag.

4. Why sacrifice style on the road? Youngsters can pack stylish extras — like jewellery — in this earring box from the Planeterra Foundation.

For the wannabe wanderer

For those who aspire to globe-trot, but haven't quite hit the road just yet.

1. Travellers who are in the dreaming stages of their next journey across the world can use this scratch wall map for inspiration — and to mark off destinations once they've been visited.

2. There are a few key essentials every traveller should have. One of those is a luggage tag that helps baggage stand out on the conveyor — and this bright purple one should do just the trick.

3. Jot down a list of journeys to take in a very elegant leather-bound journal (and take it on the road to record your memories, too!).

4. There are few greater sources of inspiration than people who have seen the world for themselves. G Adventures founder Bruce Poon-Tip recalls his own life-changing journeys — including the trip that inspired him to start his own small group travel company — in his book, Looptail.

For the VIP voyager

Great gifts for experienced globe-trotters.

1. Seasoned travellers appreciate a good, sturdy backpack. This one's waterproof, to boot!

2. There's no such thing as bad weather — only bad clothing. This rain jacket is compact and lightweight, but high-tech enough to withstand the elements.

3. For the globe-trotter who has everything, these luxe Jet Set Candy charms add a bit of flair.

4. For more than 100 years, National Geographic has changed how we see the world. Take a trip around the world by flipping through some of National Geographic magazine's most memorable covers. (And don't forget to check out our National Geographic Journeys tours!)

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