Throwback: 25 Years of G Adventures

September 24, 2015 Daniel Sendecki

In 1990, G Adventures Founder Bruce Poon Tip was living in a garage apartment in Toronto when he had an idea that would change the face of travel. On the backs of two maxed out credit cards, he introduced a new style of travel that would bridge the divide between backpacking and big bus tours—and inspired a generation of travellers who continue to change the world!

Today, G Adventures is celebrating 25 years of changing people's lives, and it wouldn’t have been possible without our staff and, of course, our travellers! On this very special Throwback Thursday, they’ve helped us to mark the occasion by sharing their favourite G Adventures memories. Want to share yours? Submit your memories here to join in our #G25Throwback anniversary celebration!

From way back in 1997 comes this shot of Bruce Poon Tip and a stableman who prepared the horses for His Holiness the Dala Lama’s escape from Tibet. Writes Bruce: “When the stableman saw that the Dalai Lama, who had fled at age 23, was now this old man in the picture, he exploded with emotion, and his tears left streams of dirt on his face".

“One of my most memorable moments was travelling to Cambodia in 2013 to experience and capture a 20/20 Vision Eye Camp as it was underway,” writes Oana Dragan. “Getting to see people's vision restored is something I will never forget. The look of anticipation on their faces as they went into the operating room—and the joy they experienced when their sight was returned.”

G Adventures traveller Rhiannon looks back to this shot atop Machu Picchu. She writes: “One Wonder of the World, check!”

Two decades ago, a G Adventures CEO connected with Delfin, a guide in the Amazon jungle. Despite the language barrier, Delfin welcomed a small group into his home to experience daily life in the jungle with his family and discover the natural wonders of the Amazon. Little did he know that this humble act of generosity would evolve into an extraordinary and life-changing partnership. G Adventures has brought a group to Delfin’s village every month for more than twenty-five years.

“This is a picture from my very first G Adventures experience in 2010 on a trip to Ecuador,” writes G Adventures very own Sean Russo. “This trip literally changed my life and view of tourism. When I got home, I immediately applied to work for G Adventures and—as they say—the rest is history.”

G Adventures traveller Gina looks back to 2008 as she explored Egypt: “So blessed,” she wrote. “It was the trip of a lifetime.”

Here's one of Bruce rolling a Yahtzee on the Mongolian Steppe in this 1998 photo from travel photographer Paul Teolis. “Even today, I like to get away to more remote spaces—like Mongolia, Tibet and Antarctica,” writes Bruce. “All starkly beautiful regions that help you really disconnect.”

G Adventures traveller Mijay Pavon shares this savoury throwback to street food at Luang Prabang’s nightmarket.

In September 2013, aspiring change-makers pitched their ideas to a panel of thought leaders and social entrepreneurs in one of Costa Rica’s most idyllic settings. It took over 35,000 votes, loads of ideas and comments, four finalists, and a few anxious moments’, but our inaugural G Project was an incredible success.

A G Adventures traveller takes to the skies over New Zealand’s Franz Josef in this throwback.

“The 10 days I spent on G Adventures’ Great Wall of China tour were by far my favourite and happiest of my whole 13-week trip,” writes G Adventures traveller Rachel Hoose of this recent throwback. “I definitely think you can see that from this photo!”

G Adventures traveller Sara looks back to one of her favourites from 2014—Tibet. “Taking it all in on a deserted mountain road between Lhasa and Gyantse,” she writes “Inhaling fresh and crisp Himalaya mountain air and reflecting on unforgettable experiences in this beautiful part of the world.”

From the beginning, the mission has been simple — ensuring that people touched by tourism benefit from the opportunities it provides. Those travellers who choose G Adventures provide long-term income to sustain and strengthen the communities to which they travel — simply by doing the very thing they love.

Travelling with G Adventures? Be sure to use #gadv in your updates so we can follow along and share your adventure. Already experienced G Adventures? Submit your pics here to join in our #G25Throwback anniversary celebration!

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