Your Planet in 7 Seconds: Underwater iguana

September 24, 2015 G Adventures

When Charles Darwin first laid eyes on the marine iguana he remarked that they were “disgusting clumsy lizards as black as the porous rocks over which they crawl and seek their prey from the sea. I call them 'imps of darkness.’”

Marine iguanas may not be the prettiest creatures on the islands, but they are certainly unique, being the only modern lizard to forage for food from the sea. After a dive, a marine iguana loves nothing more than a good sunbathe to warm up.

Join this one as he picks up an algae snack in one of the rock pools of the Galápagos Islands.

Getting There

G Adventures runs a number of departures encompassing a wide range of departure dates and activities to cater for different tastes. We’re thrilled at the prospect of showing you this big blue planet of ours — check out our small group trips to the Galápagos here.

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