Time-Lapse Tuesday: California's Santa Monica Pier

July 19, 2016

Santa Monica Pier has had to prove its resiliency during the century it’s been renting its place on the Pacific coast in California. A thriving amusement park in the 1900s before the Great Depression transformed the pier into a functional ferry landing, by 1983 the pier had been a star in a number of movies before a winter storm ravaged the coastal park, destroying the pier completely.

These days, you’ll find Pacific Park open for visitors, where a solar powered Ferris wheel points to our future and the old Blue Streak Racer — the park’s wooden roller coaster — points to a time long gone.

One thing’s for sure, today’s visitor gets a chance to be nostalgic for a carefree time in their past. For the price of admission, ice creams, Ferris wheels, and coasters are all within reach.

Getting There

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Header image courtesy João D.

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