Ten dramatic coastal views and where to find them on tour

October 5, 2021

Whether it’s from high on a blufftop or down at the sandy water’s edge, we love a dramatic ocean view. As travellers, we’re all looking for the kinds of places that make you “ooh” and “ahh” as the sheer beauty of a spot reveals itself. And wouldn’t you know it, we’re here to help with ten not-to-be-missed coastal vantage points and where to find them on our adventures. Let’s head for the shorelines around the world and see what comes into view!

View 1: Side-by-side beaches in Manuel Antonio

coast pic 1
view two idyllic beaches at once in Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

All that separates one beach view from another is a sandy land bridge. Both are perfect for swimming, snorkelling and hanging with playful capuchins in the surrounding jungle canopy.

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View 2: Pebbled cliffside beaches of Loutro, Greece

coast pic 2
also known as Sweetwater Beach, Glyka Nera is an absolute stunner

With plenty of free time in Loutro, you can pull up a lounger on pebbly beaches with clear blue water like Marmara and Glyka Nera. Rent a kayak or take a dip for the view from sea!

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View 3: Kicker Rock off of San Cristóbal Island

coast pic 3
you can see shoe-shaped Kicker Rock if you look beyond the snoozy sea lion

Sea lions vie for your attention, but Kicker Rock is an impressive volcanic rock formation in the Galápagos Islands. Grab a snorkel mask as wildlife teems just below the surface!

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View 4: Limestone karsts jutting from Ha Long Bay

coast pic 4
we love the soft purply light and rock reflections on the water

Whether from a distance or as you cruise by on a traditional junk boat, the thousands of rock pillars and cliffs topped with greenery are a must-see in Vietnam’s gorgeous Ha Long Bay.

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View 5: Terracotta rooftops of seaside Cefalù

coast pic 5
several walks lead to charming views of tiled roofs and crystal blue seas

Often cited as one of Italy’s most beautiful townships, we suggest grabbing an aperitivo and parking yourself in front of an incredible view of Cefalù's crescent-shaped beach.

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View 6: Overlooking turquoise pools near Trapani

coast pic 6
the reward for hiking Sicily’s first nature preserve

With your free time in southern Sicily, you can opt to hike the Riserva Naturale dello Zingaro. The nature trail overlooks glistening coves on the Mediterranean and a cooling dip awaits.

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View 7: Beach huts and swaying palms of Tayrona

coast pic 7
enjoy tropical sunsets, coastal lagoons and palm-lined beaches

Northern Colombia waits with open arms to show you its rich natural diversity at Tayrona National Park... unless it’s February when the park gets a well-deserved rest from visitors.

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View 8: Before you crest the Tottori sand dunes

coast pic 8
follow those footsteps to see what lies on the other side

Near the seaside town of Tottori, you can walk up and over Arabian-looking sand dunes, including some reaching 50 metres (164 feet) in height. Your bonus? The Sea of Japan!

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View 9: Volcanic black sands of Reynisfjara beach

coast pic 9
stroll past dramatic landscapes near the small fishing village of Vik

On the south coast of Iceland, you'll stop in Vik to set foot on onyx sands, tuck into sea caves and explore hexagonal basalt columns forged long ago when lava met the sea.

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View 10: Basalt columns of Giant’s Causeway

coast pic 10
was the Giant's Causeway forged by a folk hero or nature?

Not to be outdone by Iceland, the emerald isle has its own set of volcanic columns. Legend tells they were built by Irish giant Finn MacCool as a crossing to confront his Scottish rival.

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