Virtually zoom through Thailand

April 5, 2021

The entire world is doing its best to stay safe at home, so we decided to bring the world to you. Explore famous locations across our planet on a guided virtual walking tour, led by one of our CEOs (Chief Experience Officers).

Next stop: Thailand!

Grab your touring slippers and get set for a virtual Thailand adventure led by Chief Experience Officer Tom Tom. Build up an appetite for mango sticky rice as she shares cultural insight, history and cuisine from Thailand’s bustling cities to the northern jungles. From the multi-tiered Erawan Falls to the ancient temple ruins of Sukhothai, you’ll hit the highlights and hidden gems of our Bangkok to Chiang Mai Express tour. Thanks to our friends at the Tourism Authority of Thailand for sponsoring this inspiring virtual event.

Want to learn a bit more about Tom Tom first? Check out our Q&A below as she shares a few of her favourite eats, experiences and books.

What’s your name, your hometown, and where do you lead tours?

My name is Veeranuch Pimmanurak but people call me Tom Tom. It's my nickname because it's easy to remember. My hometown is Chiangmai province in the north and it's one of the most famous places to visit in Thailand. I have been working at G Adventures since 2010. I lead tours around Thailand, Indochina (Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia), Malaysia and Singapore.

What is one must-try local dish/drink?

If you’re visiting Thailand, the dish you must try is Mussaman Curry. It’s number 1 on CNN's list of The World’s Best Foods. Another dish you need to try in Thailand is pad thai and for dessert, you can't miss mango sticky rice.

Tell us one “secret,” not-to-be-missed spot on your tour and why it’s so special

Visit Wat Chedi Loung in Chiangmai to speak with the monks. It is such an unique experience. Monks will teach you about Buddhist knowledge and you can help young monks practice their English skills.

After travelling with you, what three words would you want travellers to use to describe your country?

Smile. Beautiful. Delicious.

What books/novels would you recommend to travellers who want to escape to your country via literature?

I recommend “Hot Thai kitchen” By Pailin Chongchitnant. It's a cookbook that also outlines the basic principles that are the foundation of Thai cuisine. The book gives you a deeper understanding of Thai food, culture, ingredients, equipment and cooking styles. I hope this book inspires you to cook Thai food and travel to Thailand!

What is your favourite place to travel not including your own region?

Japan. I have been 2 times before.

Any idea where you plan to travel next?

Australia, if I can leave my country. If not, I can travel in Thailand to see some beautiful places that I have never seen before.

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