How Far Will You Go? Ten travellers who want to make the world a better place

June 21, 2018

This month, you've been showing us how far you'll go to win a trip for two. Whether that has meant holding creepy critters, taking deep dives or ingesting insects, we've been thrilled to see so many photos and videos of your daring, fearless, totally outrageous adventure. So thrilled, in fact, that we want to show some of our favourite shots to the world. Here are 10 people who want to make the world a better place:

From: Lance Webb

Taken in: Tajikistan

Lance said: "Backcountry Tajikistan, 2013. I'm about to head through the remote Hindu Kush to teach medical care to a small village with nothing but a Land Rover, a map, and a week's worth of supplies. The unspoiled mountains and welcoming Tajik people are something I'll never forget, even though my old camera didn't do them any justice. I've gotten to experience some amazing places and cultures over the last decade as a Green Beret, but they have all been without my wife and children. They have stayed home and listened to my adventures from afar while I've traveled the world and immersed myself in cultures so far from our American lifestyle. This year it all changes. I'm retiring and spending the next phase of my life having our adventures together as a family. We're going to see the world together. Teach our children other cultures and ways of life. From the fjords of Norway to the souks of Morocco, we've decided experiences are more important than things. So how far will we go? As far as we can."

From: Erica Proctor

Taken in: Location not specified

Erica said: "I did this skydive for Christie’s Charity. For all my friends and family who have battled with or are currently battling with cancer. Wow! It was a big deal, as I'm terrified of falling through the sky and the parachute not opening!"

From: Conor McEntegart

Taken in: Ireland

Conor said: "I recently climbed Ireland's holy mountain barefoot and blindfolded to raise money for Engineers Without Borders UK so i could go to Mexico to design and build electrical generators that run on biogas."

From: Stephanie Jones

Taken in: Location not specified

Stephanie said: "I've had multiple opportunities in my life to travel, thanks to my job. I absolutely adore it and it's all I want to do. When this competition was announced, I had many ideas about how I was going to enter. I decided to cure cancer. We all sit around every day wishing we could help people. We can. One of G's core values is "Create happiness and community." Combined with "Do the right thing," it really inspired me. Today, I became a bone marrow donor. Today, I took a step towards savings someone's life by giving my time, my plasma, and eventually (if and when a match is found) giving someone a second chance by giving them my bone marrow. Bone marrow donation isn't easy, it can be painful and requires a lot of time given. However, it's my way of creating happiness and community and doing the right thing."

From: Mara Santos

Taken in: Spain

Mara said: "Since I was born with torqued femurs, I always avoided physical activity. I spent my life living in shame and embarrassment regarding my body. To confront this fear head on, I decided to solo hike all 600 miles of the Camino del Norte across the Northern Coast of Spain. The best part? I raised over $5,000 for Syrian refugees along the way and made friends for a lifetime!"

From: Stephanie Coates

Taken in: Location not specified

Stephanie said: "I cut my ponytail off so that someone else, like a cancer patient, can experience having hair! A simple wig can brighten up someone's entire year, majorly boost their self-esteem and most importantly give them the confidence they need, which is what winning this holiday will do for me!"

From: Keith Green

Taken in: Canada

Keith said: "Donated 46 $5 gift cards to Tim Hortons for the 46 guests at Inn from the Cold, a shelter for the homeless in Kelowna, BC."

From: Kimberly Veenhof

Taken in: Location not specified

Kimberly said: "Together with my colleagues we decided to give back to the community. We helped a foundation that creates liveable spaces and provides work for the intellectually challenged. They have their own farm, and the stables needed cleaning. So we cleaned them together with the clients, and had an amazing day! They loved having fresh faces to talk to. It was a great bonding experience."

From: Victoria Africano

Taken in: Location not specified

Victoria said: "I made a futuristic mermaid costume (and an eagle ray costume for my dog) for educational fun from trash I found on my morning walk in a coastal town, and ended up being invited to give talks at local schools about how we can take better care of ourselves, our land, and our ocean using practical and local applications! And I promise to always teach what I learn along my earthly explorations, always set a good example, because we all share this big beautiful rock together!"

From: Ariana Snyder

Taken in: USA

Ariana said: "What if your supervisor asked you to jump off a building? In my case, it was for charity and I literally jumped at the chance. I repelled down the H. Lee Dennison Building, one of the tallest buildings in Long Island, while raising money for Family Residences and Essential Enterprises (FREE). FREE supports more than 4,000 individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, mental illness, and traumatic brain injuries. If I am willing to go over the edge of a building, I am willing to go over the edge to win the ultimate adventure!"

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