Time-Lapse Tuesday: Tanzania’s Mt Kilimanjaro

September 22, 2015 G Adventures

As the highest free-standing mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro stands at whopping 5,895m (19,341 ft) tall. A trekkers journey up this dormant volcano moves through farmland, rainforest trails, and rocky lunar landscapes before finally opening up into the mist and snow of Uhuru Peak.

Many myths and legends surround Kilimanjaro. The Maasai call it ol doinyo naibor (“The White Mountain”) and believe it is inhabited by evil spirits who freeze anyone attempting to ascend. Greek writer Herodotus assumed the mountain to be the source of the Nile while the Chagga tribes of Tanzania tell stories of tiny pygmies who dwell in the unexplored caves.

Enjoy a glimpse of this timeless geographic wonder on our Time-Lapse video today.

It’s Tuesday, so once again it’s “time” to “lapse” it up! (See what we did there?) Each week, we’ll share a new way of looking at this big blue planet of ours. While a photo does a great job of capturing what we see with our own eyes, a time-lapse reveals just how little the eye can see.

Getting There

G Adventures runs a number of departures encompassing a wide range of departure dates and activities to cater for different tastes. We’re thrilled at the prospect of showing you this big blue planet of ours — check out our small group trips to Tanzania here.

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