How National Geographic Journeys brings community tourism to the world

January 6, 2020

At G Adventures, we believe in the power of community tourism — travel that brings you closer to the individuals who make each destination on our planet special. That’s why we partner with the Planeterra Foundation on a number of our National Geographic Journeys tours. Each Planeterra project that G Adventures travellers visits brings travel dollars into independent businesses and local communities, making the world a better place, one traveller at a time.

Take a look at how G Adventures and National Geographic Journeys are making the world a better place:

Empowering women

G Adventures and our non-profit partner, the Planeterra Foundation, maintain a keen focus on how we can leverage travel and tourism dollars to alleviate inequality for women around the world. Historically, women have been excluded from the benefits of tourism, as the industry — especially in developing nations — has been largely male-led. A number of our projects directly address this by employing and educating women, and also, by ensuring that the traditional skills and handicrafts that women in many of the regions to which we travel are valued, and that those skills are given the support they need to survive through generations.

You’ll find women-led projects on a number of our National Geographic Journeys tours. Click here to learn more about how the Planeterra Foundation empowers women.

Responsible Indigenous tourism

Recognizing that Indigenous cultures are integral to the destinations we visit is important to G Adventures and National Geographic. We strive to educate our travellers on the history and significance of Indigenous people in all of our destinations, and where possible help to create meaningful connections between our travellers and Indigenous people through social enterprise. Additionally, we work to ensure the strengthening and preservation of Indigenous cultures and traditions, where appropriate and possible.

You’ll find opportunities to learn about Indigenous culture and history on a number of our National Geographic Journeys tours. Click here to learn more.

Assisting at-risk youth

Many children and youths around the world have limited access to education and training, due to systemic poverty, a regional history of conflict, or other barriers. Additionally, there are limited opportunities for employment. The Planeterra Foundation provides training for youth to enter the tourism and hospitality fields, which helps forge new paths of opportunity that will last indefinitely.

Many of our National Geographic Journeys tours support Planeterra programs that empower youths. Find out more about them here.

Getting there

To learn more about our National Geographic Journeys collection of tours, click here.

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